I dont understand y people like these things when they dont taste good XDD id rather buy ice cream and fries!😆
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That stuff can kill you too.



I know right. Fries? only with ketchup :P Ice cream always!

Totally awesome!!!!

natural is better

Or just smell the roses..l

Beer = barf Weed = $$$$.$$ Pizza and soda= $$.$$

Drugs I'm not a huge fan off.
I don't mind a drink every now and then, but I've never been drunk. I don't see the point of wanting to puke and have a mirgraine in the morning.

Ice cream and fries ♥ I hear you! Lol

I can't discern if you are talking about food or about drugs. I don't do drugs and I hate ice-cream. So I've said it :P

Waaaah! Y hate ice cream? Its the bestest comfort food ever!

I was thinking the same thing. "You gotta get used to the taste" psh bull crap. I can't even get use to eating food that taste nasty to me.

Hahahaha yes!!! No green veggies for me XDDD and drugs r expensive lol i can buy a lot of chips with the money instead XDDD