Nobody in this whole world is like me i live in a piece of **** stupid family sick society! Also!. My mom hits me oh yeah she do!! and my even my brother but after all this ****!!They believe that they are the best family but this isnt right at all!!!! My mom loves my big sister only cause she says yes about every thing my mom say even if its wrong but us me and my other 2 sisters she treat us with a veryy veryy bad way She dont accept me to hang out with my friends or even do a birthday!Oh yeah she doesnt even know when is my birthday and after all of this you should smile or they gonna tell that ur acting like a 2 year old!Just wanna ask! is it okay if you just cleand ur room and ur brother come and dissaper every thing then when you go say to your mom she says ur the wrong one!!!!!!! And then he hit me!!!OMG!! And when i say to her that iam gonna say to dad she shouts at me and she says that iam a trouble maker!!! And this happens everyday!!! Why she treat my big sis the best?why??? And us like we aint her daughters!!i hate them all but my dad noo i love him he's the only one who feels me i really love him and when i say that he hit me no one does anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My mother and siblings hit me a lot when I was younger (I'm 18 now). My sister has ALWAYS been the favourite (she also agrees with everything my mum says). I'm a student studying to be a veterinary surgeon - the rest of my brothers and sisters are heavily addicted to drugs and have psychotic episodes all the time. My father is the only person I feel safe with and respect. I know exactly how you feel - it's hard to try so hard when everyone makes you feel so insignificant. Just getting up in the morning can be hard, keep your chin up beautiful - you aren't alone. Xx


Have you called the cops on them?

Do you know what it's like to be in DHS custody even for a couple hours?


It's an awful place to be. It's emotionally damaging. That's where kids end up if they call the cops.

Do u know how to delete the post

It's alright. Usually people just think that DHS is this happy place where kids are happy and nobody gets hurt. It's not true. You don't know until you've seen them in action. It's not a nice place at all.

And no. I dunno how to delete it. :(

Custody of a parcel delivery service...all dem boxes.... seriously tho sand people are crazy



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