You cannot understand how ******* stupid you look saying that weed is an acceptable drug. I have seen peoples lives destroyed by a marihuana addiction. I've seen the kindest people turn into zombies. Weed helps to uncover any mental illness you may have, wether it be depression, anxiety, bipolar.. Anything! It's not worth becoming a disgusting, dependant drug addict for what? A "high"? As far as I see it that high is a low in my book. Heart if you agree.
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i agree with you

Any of you saying that marihuana is a peaceful drug, or that it's safe.. I'm a person who was abused by a parent when they were whacked off weed... So is it really safe?

As a child.

Still a ton safer than alcohol, but ya I dislike drugs i never have or will use them, but also, if someone wants weed, they're gunna get it. It's not hard at all. Kinda like when alcohol was illegal it didn't matter. Might as well have it sold legally with some restrictions, no killings during deals, less availability to younger people, and economy gets a boost istead of illegal dealers.

I'm not defending alcohol... Yeah why not make this drug legal! Encourage our children to take it! Because it's so much "safer" than alcohol..

It would still be illegal to children except certain medical cases, but with less illegal dealers it would be harder for them to get, dealing would still be illegal, and yes it is multiple times more safe than alcohol. I can't even think of why we wouldn't legalize it

Just because its legal doesnt meen kids sre gona be anymore encouraged, let the parents do their ******* job and kids wont care

I agree that it is not an acceptable drug. I do say it is an acceptable prescription, with moderation.

Or any drug.

I agree, I just particularly loath when people defend marihuana because it's natural.

Well said