I've been sober from drugs 9 years.
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Wonderful. I am 6+ years sober.

Congratulations! Though, if you were ever really addicted to them, know that a relapse can happen at any moment. Even after 30 years clean.

Way to rain on the parade.

Way I see it, I'm helping to prevent rain in the future. Or a potential thunderstorm with hurricane winds. Little rain instead of that is worth it, imo. When one accrues that much time clean, they tend to become complacent and more easily slip up. This is also common at around the year-mark. As my old N.A. sponsor used to say, "If you want to talk about complacency, come-place-your-***-in-a-seat."

Nearly 8 years for me,
I have a life now I'd not have imagined possible for myself back then.

Congrats on being sober~~there are many ways to have fun your right

I know exactly how you can celebrate

Yea eat a LARGE ice cream sundae LOL

No! With drugs!

NO she doesn't wanna go down that road again

And just how would you know? Let her speak for herself for Christ's sake! You're more controlling then the drugs!

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That is wonderful and I know how hard that can be I have been clean 13 years.

Congrats on your sobriety

Congratulations ! I know it wasn't easy 😊

I've been sober for 18

Beauty but you could've posted your own.

It doesn't count as sober if you've never used.

I know. I was being silly

Good for you! I hope you are happier?

Yeah. I am. And a lot less broke.

Great! Very happy for you! :o)

yaay!! keep it up! :)

lets go out to eat!!