I'm 25 and have never used drugs or tried alcohol. I just hate that some people look at me weird because of this. Its always the same statement "omg you have never tried alcohol, why?" "How can you have fun sober?"
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A healthy lifestyle indeed, good for you :)

I personally have pretty much tried whatever I could get my hands on, it was a life decision because I wanted to try stuff, I never abused substances of long periods of time (apart from weed!) and therefore never got addicted to any of them.

Frankly, other than the fact I got to try them as per my aim and as a result I had some interesting experiences, I would say there isn't really any upside to them?

Alcohol included, in fact apart from heroin or crystal meth (neither of which I have tried, I wouldn't bother and you're a fool if you do) I think alcohol is probably the worst drug going.

All drugs simply top up inhibit or chemically force the levels of neurotransmitter activity, the more you try the more you notice the different levels of (being) that you experience.

And I can tell you that not one of the drugs I sampled are as good as natural excitement, passion, love and adrenaline. This is the truth!

People who take anything to have fun! Are missing out on natural human needs and hence require substances as a substitute, social situations and industries force it on people, what does this tell you about the unsatifying nature of modern society.

Well I guess that's a hole nother group of arguments, and I could on all day but my point stands

You needn't worry what other people say, take it from me they aren't anything special ;)

Experience list

MDMA (ecstasy)
AMT (alpha-methytryptamine)

I think that's lovely !

Neither do i

Its been since 1980 since I had my last drink, You are right, alcohol is just another drug, I learned the hard way that its not the promise of a good time that people think. I was at sub school in CT, Me and some friends started at a place in New London and were drinking Comakazies, We closed that place and went across the river, to another place and continued,
This place had bouncers that did not like navy, I was sitting next to the Isle when one of them started banging my ear after the second time I told him to stop, he did it again and I broke his arm in two places, his co bouncer came around the corner with his black jack and I was waiting, he went through a two inch oak door face first, when the Marine shore patrol showed I had chased the third down in the parking lot, he was getting a gun out of his trunk when I hit him and started jumping up and down in the middle of him, I woke up the next morning badly bruised, The gunny handed me my
Crackerjacks to go to mast, The Admiral said you did not start it but you really finished it, I was not punished or fined but did have to report the first thing to my next duty station and the first thing they did was give me a shot in the rear, then 15 minutes later the Corpsman came out and had me drink a shot of whisky or vodka and a beer, I spent 30 days being on my knees so sick I wanted to bring up my toes, over the next 34 years though I have seen the death and devastation alcohol, cocain, pot, and meth brings, To have somebody die because someone wants to get behind the wheel of a car or truck, buzzed and senseless is wrong, or pull a weapon in a bar and in their senselessness they shoot someone.
We teach in our society that alcohol is not a drug but it is, it is a depressant which makes it a drug, My hat is off to you young lady, its not needed to get wasted to have fun, those that think its cool are allowed their opinion but I say follow your own thought. I don't need a depressant to get me any more depressed than I am already.

My father in law and brother in law can both say the same thing and they have no problem sitting around with a room full of people that are drinking and have just as much fun as the ones that are..and...they're probably 2 of the neater people I know...so you're not alone girl..Be your own person and do what ya want to do..

It's a normal reaction if you don't do something that a big group will do ur more a out stander but I think your choices should be respected like mine never taking a smoke

that's a great girl
I love to kiss my gf do you

I have the same problem. I am commonly asked " Are you a recovering acholoic ?". My answer is "No l am an athlete and a high performance machine ". People seem to get upset about that. There is nothing more unattractive.than a person in their late 30/40 etc who is plastered. Their drinking and partying shows on their face. Just say "Really you need acholol to have fun ? Is there something wrong like a chemical imbalance or do you have a deep physologicial problem that makes you think that way ? ". Look at them like they are weird.

Way to go girl I'm proud of you sweet

That drug/alcohol crap is overrated.

Same here. I have plenty of fun and (this is the best part) I can remember every bit of it!

Its strange i cant see how intoxication can be fun

When i was your age kiddo i definitely didnt have fun with alcohol drugs n sex

Never should judge someone for abstinence...
Never should judge someone for partaking, either - Live and let live :)

who said I was judging anyone? I'm merely stating my experiences. of course you should always Live and let live.

True, don't judge people, but I've noticed something though. Whenever you start judging the actions of people who are doing something bad or wrong, they think you are judging them. Live, But don't stand by and let someone do whatever he are she wants to do. Stand up against people who are promoting things that you know are bad. You can never justify doing a bad thing by saying "live and let live".

Excellent! You must be a person of true character and determination to stand up to peer pressure and pop culture which idealizes the consumption of D&A.

You may and should feel smug inside by knowing that when your friends get liver diseases and corroded intestines you'll still be in ship shape.

Neither do I. I am 47 years old and I never drink alcohol or do drugs, or smoke for that matter. Be Proud and ignore the nay sayers, Life is not a big sorority house, You do what is comfortable for You.

Yes you can have fun sober I never drank or smoked till I was 25 and I tried it and yeah I can have much more fun with out the use of either I used to always have people say to me "what's wrong with you why not"
Why not is because I don't need it to have fun and i don't like it so why do I need to drink it just to satisfy others if you don't drink for whatever reason it's your reason and yours alone we need not have to answer to nobody on our choice or preference good for you I say :)

Good for you. The downsides of alcohol and drugs vastly outweigh the good. If you can do without them you're not missing anything.

Im 18 and I have not either.

Some people are different. Some people want to be drunk or high all the time. Don't look at it as a bad thing. Yea being drunk can be bad, being high has it's bad side to. It all depeneds if you have a purpose for why your doing it or if you just want to be so wasted that you can hardly think straight. If you don't want to do it, then don't let other people encourage you.

That could be a good choice from one perspective, but you don't sound very fun, and it probably excludes you from some social circles.

I admire you for that!!!

Ain't no shame in your game.

seems your own desire wanted it but some reservation checks you.try to remain as it is ,it will pay you in the long run

That's good about not using drugs, not too sure about not ever having a beer. This excludes getting drunk, having a beer or two is perfect. Ever thought what an ice cold beer tastes like when you're thirsty?

Not weird at all. I'm proud of you.

One can have fun sober, but why would you? Alcohol is terrible in larger doses, but drugs can be a fantastic experience.

Why would you limit your experiences? It saddens me to know that you will never experience the oneness and closeness and fervent euphoria that comes from ecstasy. Or the beyond relaxing and uplifting experience of marijuana (which is perfectly healthy when used with a vaporizer, so why not try it?). Or the subconscious and fantastical dive that comes from LSD or shrooms, shedding your preconceptions and hate and anger and pain, discovering things about yourself and others than you never knew: that you hid from yourself, but never knew. Or the glory of opiates (when not addicted), nodding in true ecstasy: more powerful than 5,000 *******.

There are darker sides to the drugs, but if you know about them, then you can avoid them. When used occasionally or in moderation, they enhance life. They *help* you understand your role and who you are. Whatever fun you're having sober, it pales in comparison. I simply cannot explain that unparallelled majesty of it to you. Robbing yourself of those experiences in such a short life. I simply cannot understand it.

If the desire is to be healthy: shrooms and marijuana (vaporizer) are perfectly healthy.

Do you not eat fast food or junk food, either? If you do, that seems like a bit of a double standard. Do you eat sugar? Do you take caffeine? Could it be that your afraid? If you drink coffee habitually, I'm sorry to say that you're a drug addict.


Stick to the cannabis. Don't *** with anything els.

I've been around the block a few times, kid. The things you want to avoid are cigarettes (which are worse than any), meth, crack, PCP, and that K-2/Spice **** that had been going around in smoke shops. No one knows what the **** is in K-2 or Spice. It's not actually synthetic marijuana: it's a lab drug--like meth. It's usually best to avoid heroin, at least street heroin, but trying it once is worth the risk, imo. Oxys are the same. But hydrocodone or norcos aren't a big deal, and they're great to mix with weed. Benzos should be used with extreme caution, like heroin.

I never said I was trying to change others views as to why they should not drink or do drugs, hey to each is own. I was simply stating what annoys me when it comes to being asked countless times why I chose not to.
Also, no I do not eat fast foods and I do not drink caffeine. Maybe you should ask if I do before jumping the gun and stating "I'm sorry to say but you're a drug addict" :)

I get that. I'm just saying that avoiding it seems like taking an amazing experience away from yourself, especially when there's not much risk with some of them.

Maybe you should actually read what I wrote before quoting half of the sentence?

Oh. :) Forgot the passive aggressive smiley face.

I did read what you wrote obviously
and those were rhetorical questions

Clearly, you did not. There's that key word in my last sentence. The letters are 'I' and 'F', and, when placed together like so--IF--it means a condition or possibility; further, that means I *wasn't* saying that you did that. Obviously.

Note: 'If you drink coffee, [...........]' Are you trying to be a reporter at some point? Because you would make a great one, taking things out of context, like that. And not just a paragraph, but a sentence.

Just saying, a lot of the druggies I know would never make that mistake. Maybe you don't have anything to spare, so fair enough.

I will always try to get people to stay away from it or give it up. Yes, in the end, I is their choice, but I will always try to "change others" to what I already KNOW is good and right and if all I can do is only BELIEVE something is good or better, then I will at least try to influence them to my views.

That's all anyone does. And, I'll do the same with mine--the difference is, I don't care if people take drugs. I care if it becomes a problem, but I think depriving yourself of such a profound and incredible experience--let's say go the rest of your life without sex or handsies type thing--is shameful.

The **** do you care if people smoke pot? I can't wait until the baby boomers die off, and we can fix all the ridiculous decisions you all have made.

Typical reply of someone of your mental state

Typical reply of someone of your mental state.

Thank you Than

Thank you, Isc.

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The real question how do you have fun drunk? I did a mistake and gave into peer pressure and it was really not fun I wish I could take if back!

Here's what I will say about drinking/drugs. Yes they are indeed fun. However if your someone that feels you don't need it, good for you. I'm not saying good for you because I am against it. I regularly smoked weed. The reason I am saying good for you is you won't experience the same financial crutch that all users do, especially those not earning 6 figures. I am considering stopping smoking weed, not because I want to, I love smoking, but because it's holding me back financially. I will never save if I continue the habit. So in short, you aren't REALLY missing out because eventually, everyone grows up and says to themselves, "hmmm, maybe drinking(or smoking) isn't helping my situation".

I agree xx

You're so weird.

Enjoy it while u can, some ppl work hard all week were they experience all kinds of **** so after a while u can lose the ability to "Have fun sober" plus u usually drink at social events and it is kinda weird to not drink anything. If you are a quests and the host offers u something u should have a beer / drink w/e as a show of good manners. It shows ppl that you are easy going etc. oh wait I didn't check how old r u hmm

Ugh good "guest" let's call it good social etiquette cuz to drink with someone it shows respect between the two parties....dating back ages

You don't have to pay attention to others if you don't want to do something. No one is forcing you to drink or do drugs, hopefully not! If friendship is based on that, it's not worth it.

Drugs and/or Alcohol rarely (if ever) improve the quality of anyone's life. We live in a society where there are a lot of sad, confused, lost people. A lot of these people feel like they need drugs or alcohol to fit in. When people criticize you, be proud. What they are actually expressing is their own discomfort around a person who is much, much stronger and more secure than they are!! That's a HUGE compliment!!!! You're great!!!!! HUGS :)

It's a sick world out there. You deserve to feel proud of your self.

Western society especially has become reliant on the twin crutches of alcohol and tobacco to relieve stress and have fun. Like coffee drinkers who feel they need it to get by each morning - the reality is that these substances actually prevent us from reaching our full measure of happiness and peace and ability.
Keep standing stein in your own two feet. You are one of only a few who don't need a crutch in life!

"Stein" would equal "strong" if I knew how to spell properly on this bloody iPhone lol

thank you! your words are very encouraging

Actually, scientists are finding that coffee may help delay the onset of Alzheimers! :)

Scientists have been "discovering" the health benefits of many things in an attempt to justify many other things in life. If you read carefully not one of these studies is ever conclusive - it always has the caveat of "may" help.
I did a study once of items reported in the media that scientists or research said may cause cancer and items that scientists or research said may help cure cancer. Would you believe that 85% of the items were the same on both lists!
Often corporations fund these "studies" and the results are shall we say "expected".

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I see nothing wrong with that. I have drank before. It's not all that big of a deal. Many times I will go to a pub to play pool and just drink a coca cola.

I've heard the famous "it's no big deal" line too many times. Iv'e seen so many good people who always found their way back to the drink. 99% never gave it up. I am glad to say that I did while I was in my early 20s. Most of the others are dead or alcoholics still telling themselves that it's no big deal. Ha famous last words.

I meant no big deal as drinking is boring. I don't need it to have fun.

I think it's great that you made a choice and have stuck by it. They should be asking u how u are so strong. What has made you decide this is the way u want to live?

Exactly!!! you would think they would, I don't understand why they don't. Its like sometimes you feel, am I the wired one.

Well what is so sad is just because u live differently your weird. You are not a sheep in this world. That's big props to you!!!

I tried whiskey but like a little bit i don't like it at all and it jut makes my heart burn worse than it already is.

Nothing wrong with what you're doing. Keep strong and comfortable being you.

thank you!

Np. Oh and btw, if you're wondering, I know all this good advice you're getting here isn't from the prude and sheltered - we've all partied in our time and some of us are even still at it. Difference is we've just been around long enough to know more of what matters now and are happy to pass that on.

Go and have fun being yourself!

I'm 28 never done drugs or smoked but I have drank alcohol but a drop hasn't touched my lips in 6 years

Good for you!!! keep it up!

I will care to talk in private I think it's hot and sexy that you are sober

Try being a guy and saying the same thing. I am constantly looked at like there is something wrong with me because I choose not to do things that society deems normal. I don't need these things to have fun and I won't give into pressure just because. I'm not trying to downplay your struggle though I just feel like guys are given a harder time in this area.

In western culture Men are expected to be bold risk takers. Abusing substances is part of that mentality. People think its a sign of physical robustness that their bodies can "take it". People are stupid.

I never said it was harder for females, I was merely stating my personal experiences. I do understand that it probably is harder for men, and I applaud you for standing your ground! I as well will not give into pressure :)

No I know I was feeling your pain but stating guys usually have a rougher time...no argument here :)

No worries :)

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Good for you, stay happy and healthy! It says more about others that they cannot have a good time without drugs and alcohol.

Wow I was drinking often by 12 were totally different. Good for u

thank you!!!

You must be hanging around the wrong people! :) I think it's great! So many people do not feel confident in who they are so they use alcohol and drugs to take the edge off the low self esteem. You are one of few and I hope you rub off on others.

thank you! it just gets annoying! I just feel that any decision I make, will always be because I'm in my right state of mind.

Yes, that is exactly why I don't drink. How can you truly experience life, the defeats as well as the triumphs if you do it without a clear head. People who drink and take drugs are missing out for sure!!

Good for you don't get bullied by people who are jealous just because they have to waste money pouring poison down their neck just to have a good time