I have been sober from alcohol abuse for almost 3 years not and drugs a year and a half which I am very content with and proud of myself for such effort and accomplishment into recovering.

Those were the days that made me feel better web a sip of alcohol made me smile and drugs made me feel free; felt like I was on the top of the world but in actuality I was a dead girl walking. In 2012, a year before my girlfriend passed away in 2013. She has helped me through so much and was always there for me... Without her I wouldn't have dared to stop my self-destruction. I still get the cravings and the vicious temptations and I think I'll never get back to them by any means because I always overcome the exhausting temptations, besides ... I'm not a drinker; not because of religious purpose but I just don't drink and completely against drinking but unfortunately what is done is done and I did something I knew was not suitable and resorted to it.

Mistakes can happen with or without alcohol and drugs, the lesson here is to forgive yourself and learn from those mistakes.
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Good for you! I'm glad you're living the way you want to. I'll take extra drugs today, in celebration for your accomplishment. :D I'll be honest, I was going to take extra drugs today, anyway, but I'll take even more for you! Alcohol is terrible.

I'll do anything except for crack, meth, and alcohol. Maybe a beer or two, but I always end up chugging, vomiting, saying a bunch of inappropriate and TMI things, getting into fights, then passing out. Not exactly a feel good thing. Worst drug...ever.

That's positive change right there! No one ever said it was easy. Best wishes.

Indeed, thank you.

how long did you abuse for?

Long enough.

Why is it that drug and alchohol abusers get so much praise and admiration, when those that have been strong and not weakend by the easy power of substance abuse are never given a second thought. I was exposed to drugs and drink but had the backbone to refuse, and stay clean all my life, not because of religion or group or any other reason than that I thought it was stupid. And nobody gives a damn about that.

No one gives a damn about that? How can you say such a thing? I give a damn and so much respect about the ones that didn't give in to alcohol and drugs because it is hell, why would you want to go through such a thing? I wouldn't and didn't but I went through the process and did not do well at all.
I am thankful to each and every person that has shown support ... I would not dare tell them why give me admiration when others had the opportunity to give into poisonous substances and were strong enough to reject the death path? Seriously, just be thankful man you are loving and breathing instead of complaining. By the way, those that don't want to listen are the ones that wish others bad rather than good. I care and look up to every man and woman that were powerful enough to reject alcohol and drugs and you are one of those people, again just be thankful.

Would not have said it better myself, thank you so much.

No disrespct to anybody, and yes the challenges to a recovering addict are great. Also though, the challenges to a clean person when all your friends are getting high and drunk are also great. I went through a tough time because I refused, ridiculed, and cast out.

Oh, how quaint. You think you're strong. You're just as fallible as the rest of us, so get off your pseudo-morality hill and come back down to the gutter with everyone else. :D

'Backbone' to refuse. No, I'm sure you eat the hell out of fast food and chug sugar, though! We all have a weakness or indulgence. Don't pretend like you're any different. Probably a sex addict or something, rofl.

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I think you have a achieved so much. You have not only broken you alcohol and drug abuse, but you also are a beacon of light and encouragement to others. Congratulations. You are also gracious and warm hearted to others on this site. I am so sorry about your girlfriends passing.

I have one question. Your title includes anorexia. Are you ok with that too?

Take care

Wow, thank you so much sir. Your words mean the world to me and I hope I give others hope into preventing such home wrecking and dangerous things such as alcohol and drugs. Aside from anorexia I'm still struggling big time, recovering is never easy and it will always be a war in my head.

You too.

None of us is perfect. I hated my body when I was younger. I felt it was awkward and not the body of a sexy alpha male. But it was the body I had. As I became older it worries me less and now it does not bother me at all.

But I have learned something from my asian friends in China's. Most young women are trained by their mothers to focus first on inner beauty. That means to develop kind loving honest harmonious characteristics.

I wish I learned this before. I would not have obsessed (as we tend to do here) on outer beauty.

Right now I am a little overweight. But I don't care. If someone cannot love me for my inner beauty first then We should not be together. I am confident in my inner beauty. I have a lot.

But there is something you need to know. You have great inner beauty already. You have exhibited so many wonderful characteristics. I know you have a hard battle ahead. Can I suggest you concentrate on inner beauty. Inner beauty will last you lifetime, outer beauty fades as we get older.

What you look like is not as important as what you are.

I hope that helps you. Take care.

Congratz. Keep going strong.

Appreciate it, thank you.

You are such a strong person xxx ❤️


Good for you and I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend take care

Thank you so much, and you too.

Keep it up and congrats. :3

Thanks, and I'm proud of you for being 123 days sober.

Aww thanks :3

Don't mention it.

I am proud of you too! Please, always be vigilant about the grasp that these drugs hold!

Appreciate it you support, thank you.