I had a thought. Why do people drink alcohol? Especially in uni where the definition of hangout is getting drunk at some random party and waking up with a hangover. I think people drink alcohol just to make friends. Aren't you confident in your own personality to be able to enjoy yourself without the influence of alcohol? So lets say you make friends while you're drunk, what happens when you're sober? You're back to this shy timid person and can't connect with those people anymore. So whats the point?
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I'm in college, and I've never even touched alcohol. I hate parties, too. I don't understand it either, really.

It makes things funny; a good time better. If your drinking cuz you can't connect to people sober...you're drinkin for the wrong reason. Or if your like me, a fifth of jack or jager every evening haha its all about whatever makes you happy, it's your life.

never drank a drop of alcohol and dont miss it

Stimulation. Unaware that they are better ways to get it.