People don't understand how I can have fun without alcohol or drugs. I don't understand why they like it so much.
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I can solve my problems without being drunk :)

You have a good head on your shoulders

I don't understand either. My brother is a cocaine addict and he has really destroyed our entire family. Just enjoy your life without drugs and don't fall prey to peer pressure.

It soothes the crevices, of my heart

I do not partake in either, either.

I am 42 and NEVER had a drop of alcohol and hate being around it. But never get it, and i never get why they need it

people run away from the responsibilities & dont wanna face the reality. but cant run away from themselves

Do you play with vibrators then????

Try going to an upscale bar here in chicago and try some cocktails like the grasshopper...its so delicious that u try to savor every sip, its not about getting drunk. Its about experiencing what different spirits and a good mixologist can do, the taste is amazing, u loosen up a bit, ur among great ppl who are polite and can struck up a conversation is fun! I dont go to bars to get drunk but rather try new things. For guys who like scotch try a Godfather, its with a 1/2oz of Amaretto which is almond licorice and tastes amazing with scotch, u slip it slowly while enjoying a fine company of ladies and gentlemen. ­čŹ║Cheers!

Personally I drink only sometimes, and when I drink it's only because I can and feel like it I never go out just to get smashed, If I'm having a laugh with mates and end up smashed well so be it but I'm not skuling mad amounts of alcohol to be cool and get off y head (unless there's straight whiskey/vodka/bourbon then that gets smashed lol) and as for drugs well only tried that once, ad not bloody doing it again!!! Lol

Excellent. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You are not the only one here

even idonot need drugs or alcohol for fun... fun is with friends talks hangut

Im with ya, drugs and alcohol make you forget you even had a fun time.

And there is always bad side effects.

I can understand when all they want is to be high and intoxicated. It's human nature to desire things. You may not need it but others do to reassure a good time.

Thanks, your the first to give me a decent response. Most people just say "I don't know" or "just cause"

Maybe they aren't as smart as you ? :)

Everyone has their strong points

Me too

I agree. I have just a good time without and never needed drugs at all

i can do ...never drunk or drugged