Yes, who needs drugs and alcohol when we have chocolate? Ahah :D
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I love KahlĂșa chocolate.

I'm with you there! All it does is cost money and lower inhibitions. Lowering your inhibitions unnaturally as such is not healthy. It is good to let your hair down, but you want to be in control. Yes being tipsy may be fun, but if I want a license to have random sex or make stupid jokes then laugh anyways, I'll just do it. Not because me and someone else are in a chemically altered state of consciousness.

I wish I could say the same! *drinks 16 shots in row and then collapse*

Yes :-) chocolate is good stuff

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me.

yes true


What about the people who can't eat choclate like muah hehe ^^

Nuu like i am lactose so if i eat choclate i get sick :s

I have a feeling this will cause controversy, but I feel marijuana is pretty harmless. Anything else is pretty serious.