When I say I don't drink or smoke or whatever, people look at me like I am lame and try to offer it to me to have fun. But this is MY body I don't want your drugs and alcohol. Keep it!
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Glad to hear your stand! Remember: the easiest one to turn down is always the first one - hold the line at zero!
I've never had any of it myself and it's been 68+ years and I've had plenty of fun!!

Good for you!!

Good for you, I feel the same way : )

I don't need fun to have drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol is one of those things I find that adds to my enjoyment of life as long as it's not excessive. But it's really disrespectful of people to push it on you when you say you don't drink.

Good for you don't let em can't lie I do drink but only really on special occasions and even then knot a lot

Glad to know there are still sensible people out there!

Nah you're not. Stick to your morals & live life well!

What's ur choice of euphoria "happiness" ie "drug" which brings u pleasure (happiness) ?????

Really same
And it's make me upset 😏

Same here.

i dont know why people think its fun when later on, its gonna destroy your body. i think you did a good choice not taking the toxic in your body :)

Thanks :D I agree with you.

Sweetheart you are awesome!! Nothing less!!

Thank so much! That means alot!

I feel exactly the same way except I don't have that peer pressure from my friends cause we all have similar ideals.

???????? Exactly.

I just like to brag about the fact me and my friends can meet up on Saint Paddies day at a bar with every intention of as leaving as sober as we entered.

whoops those questions marks were suppose to be the handclaps emotions! But yeah I totally agree. My friends and I have a great time just sitting in my dorm room and chilling.

damn right thumbs up

Thank you!