I'm a teenager. I see people my age doing drugs and alcohol but I'm one of the few not interested.
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good stay that way its more fun and you wont be one of the drunk people struggling to put a sentence together when chatting to a person :)

Back in high school people kept talking abut their drug usage, fights, and sexual exploits....in class. One girl even lay on the ground and took a nap

What is your point?

You question says more about you than it does about me.

What are u talking about

My advice: stay that way. A friend of mine smokes weed. He cried because he just cant give it up. Oh sure its all fun and games when your with your friends and stuff, but when your 40 and your a dope head who's lost their licence to drive INDEFINETELY, spends all your money on it, cant go to work or leave your house and totally isolate yourself from the world, I would say your living a poor quality of life. And that's being kind. This is him.

thats nice

Shove you in the quicksand

That's good I'm proud of you! Keep it up ☺️

Yes really!! I've been trying to do the exact same thing! And I'm glad ☺️👍

Smart girl ;)

Me too I've done a little sips of alcohol because I'm not legal yet but only because my mother and her friends wanted to see if I liked it and I really don't I like sweet drinks, I don't do drugs never going to do them.

Woah... Mind the sharp corners there, sir edgelord. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That's great!! Stay away from them as far as possible

I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit I have had a sip of alcohol and once took some N2O. Alcohol was distasteful and too strong, so I didn't drink the whole glass. N2O was fun once, but I miss people having fun without doing gas/alcohol/drugs. Where are they? Those you could talk to in order to have a deep conversation or an elegant dance or something.

There was a clump of "cool kids" in highschool that constantly smoked and drank. Truth is i thought they were ******* idiots so i didnt bother approaching them. They also made drinking and smoking look bad.

I might have had alcohol a few times as a teen but never to this day have I tried drugs.

That's great! Keep it that way because intoxicated fun is false and you are pure fun.

You have been given a gift. Too many become dependent on these things. I have lost a brother and a nephew to this and my heart is broken. Stay the way you are. You can be a designated driver for your friends, helping to keep the roads safer. You can show others they don't need to do these things to have fun.

that VERY TRUE, young lady!!! you don't need those to be happy :D

*that is

I'm the same way :)

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More power to you. I wish that I had been this way when I was younger.

Good for you, sounds like you have a brain, you know what you want and are moving forward.

stay that way.

That is a wonderful and educated decision. You should be proud. There are times you can't follow the crowd and start your own parade. Keep it up!!