No illegal drugs or alcohol has touched my lips and entered by body. I do not need these things to have fun in life. I just said no to these destructive measures of life. Nancy Reagan said it best over 30 years ago with "Just Say No". I have taken her advice and has passed it on to others.
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Well done!!! This is a wonderful attitude and thank you for passing it on to others!!

Thank you and welcome.

Eh. I stay away from alcohol and drugs. Not because I care about being destructive, but those things weaken your character physically and mentally.

Do I get a trophy?

i think i need them i'm always stiff and everyone said i can't have fun and i'm always so worked up so they try to forceful to let me drink and have drugs and maybe i need to or else i will never leave my boring old self behind

Luckily there is still time....!!!

Good for you! Drugs and alcohol destroy lives and tear families apart.

alcohol is nice to have for a race motor and make more power

Thats amazing.Tough thing but,you are strong willed.

Yes I am very strong willed and got that from my parents.

I admire people like you.Stay strong.

dont need the poison

That is a good way to put it. This substance abuse.

drug= possible death (depends on amount)
alcohol= possible death (depends on amount)
poison= possible death (depends on type and concentration)
therefore drugs/alcohol= poison
thats my logic
that and dependance


we should talk computers sometime, may I add you?

Good for you, I feel the same way.😄 You'll live longer if you don't take any of that toxic stuff

Thanks I just will not follow peer pressure or the crowd.

Totally agree! Good Job!

Superb.. keep the words flowing,.
Great work

Thanks. Never give up.

Best thinking in life .. be always Fighter..