I feel like I'm the only one in my school and in my area who doesn't do drugs/smoke/get intoxicated. I don't go to parties because I know that people just like to get stoned. A party without drink or drugs doesn't exist where I live and it does have a bad drug problem. I don't mind drink but I only drink when I like the taste (such as cocktails) and I hate getting drunk as it's embarrassing and I like to remember the night. Surely there's nothing strange about that..? Sadly though, I feel like I'm in the minority.
This is one reason to move to another European country like France or Italy (I'm English btw). They find it really weird that the British like to get completely drunk. I'm with them on that.
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Yeah. Take care of yourself. 👍🏼

I don't drink period. I'm American. I got drunk the night my husband and I got pregnant. We planned the baby but not the drinks. We lost that baby to a miscarriage and now I'm sterile from two genetic diseases. I'm also married to a cop so drugs are never a thought. My sister is a Virgin and is almost 21. All of this is super normal in my family. You totally are not alone. Don't do what is popular, do what is you. Be-you-tiful

It is possible to have a good time without being under the influence of anything. I have a good time often without being under the influence of anything. What other people do is up to them, you do what you like.

keep doing what's right for you! I guarantee you that most people in your school only get high and drink because they think it's cool and are just trying to fit in and be accepted by others.

Same drugs are so stupid