in my opinion drugs and booze for fun does make you dumb, it narrows your view of the world and what it can be.
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I agree

Right on

They also numb your appreciation of what you are seeing and feeling

Agree, for me with a mental illness it is very dangerous.
Just say no.

Thank you goodness ,I am glad to see there are people who shares the same view

Thank you goodness ,I am glad to see there are people who shares the same view

a lot of people your age think that it is the only way. nice to see someone who has worked out that there a plenty of other ways to have fun.

I think alcohol in moderation opens your mind and gives you confidence to do things you wouldn't normally. I don't understand what you mean by "dumb" do you mean cognitive impairment or something else?! Maybe worth explaining your reason yes?!

I am referring to it as a long term addiction, alcoholism, and the like. but drugs in general are not for me

Oh yeah definitely. That makes perfect sense.

Sometimes, that's the goal.

Don't totally agree but i respect that you are individual in the sense that that is a rare belief. Don't let anyone tell you different or to pressure you.

Missing out

lol, I saw 1 episode of your show, and I am so not missing anything



I haven't experienced either but I think something along the lines of what you said.


It also ruins your se.x life unless your girl likes 2 inch dikc

Don't you consider this to be rather reductive? I mean if this was a fair analysis you would go through certain drugs and address the problems with each one. Drugs are certainly not all bad or good on the same degree. For instance mdma and marijuana are two very life changing drugs. Some people use mediation and yoga, some use mdma, some use both. I know of many intelligent people who simply use drugs as a means of self inquiry, seeing as how psychedelics alter your brain chemicals and therefore your perception--in other words you think in abstract ways that you haven't before. You can have your opinion of course, but you can't avoid the fact that some drugs can literally be life changing,for the better. So before you totally write drugs off in a smug manner, you should do some fair research and incorporate nuance into your position.

And I'd just like to note that when I read, write or study- as I do almost every day- if have marijuana I will likely smoke a small bowl before. It helps me focus and immerse myself into the particular academic activity.

You really think that the work you produce while you're high is of any intelligent value?

Actually I've produced some of my favorite and most in depth pieces of writing while on marijuana. In all honesty you probably wouldn't even be able to discern if I was high if I applied eye drops. It sounds like you had some unfavorable experiences with weed, or perhaps you see people who are already pretty stupid use it...I don't know. But that does not mean weed turns you into a drooling retard incapable of generating intelligence.

There's a website where stoners can go and write down what they're thinking while they're high, and then go back and read what they wrote later when they're sober. Of course while they were high they thought their writing was equivalent to The Theory of Everything, but when they read it later on they realized it was complete and total nonsense.

So you dabbled in one forum therefore all consumers of weed are retrospectively inept? Is this the reasoning power of a sober person, or are you just trying to troll me?

Gaal asks a relevant question...have you actually tried weed? It's also worth mentioning that combusting apossed to smoking it will give you a clearer and more energetic high.

No offense but by the time I was done with the first paragraph it was already clear that rambling was ahead. Nobody on this thread mentioned anything about prescription drugs.

This entire premise is incredibly moot, filled with very uneducated assumptions about medicine, technology, users of drugs,and the culture around the drugs mentioned.

Marijuana is safer than almost any substance out there. There are obviously negative effects to any drug, but it's disingenuous to throw the idea into the ring and not even address any degree of them. The levels of carcinogens don't even compare to the levels in cigarettes. On top of that, humans among other animals have something called Cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These are a class of cell membrane receptors. This is not a drug that will undoubtably cause severe results if used realistically, in fact it's a drug that our bodies have evolved to accommodate.

I'm an avid smoker and I'm telling you from experience how marijuana has impacted me positively in regards to health, and millions of other people can stand behind me in saying that weed helps them. For health reasons, I much rather have people smoke weed than take all the crazy **** that's being sold in the pharmacy at your local corner store.

I might being to ramble here fair warning. to start I will give pot a plus since it is produced naturally and not within a lab. so for this I will leave out pot, even though I don't use it. it has been proven that drugs can cause holes in the brain to develop or to physically kill it to. here is an example of what MDMA can do to a person with that being said there are several reports on other drugs illegal and otherwise of the severe deficit in health that can be easily caused by these. the drugs that alter you mind for a short while can have massive negative health effects. then you can take into account that they have a high chance of addiction. drugs that are obtained through other channels can often have various other harmful effects not recorded here. this is due to a dealer "cutting" the purity of the drugs with other household goods such as cleaners witch have 0 positive effects on a person's health, further increasing potential mental deficiency.

You're not really referencing specific drugs...It would be best if you could to that. But this is all in context regarding hypothetic situations and abuse. You don't seem to be someone who even goes near drugs yet you speak as if you fully understand the community. Granted, drug abuse of any sort will impact you negatively. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems that you think most drug users are also heavy abusers?

I referenced MDMA in my last post, and the effects of what a single does can cause.

You can't have a solidified position from just reading articles that push the same narrative.

I use credited information not person generated, I look to university studies and similar reports by educated individuals with multiple year studies, no self experimentation.

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I think to a certain extent what you say is true. I don't mind drinking socially though. Still it feels like people have no hobbies these days and resort to it. That's when it can become bad. Making drinking or drugs a hobby is really narrow-minded though. There are so many better things to be doing with one's life... Heck go for a bike ride, walk, or even video games. You don't always need others to have fun either. Just find something for yourself!

like i said...u...r awesome lol i feel the same. nice way ur mind thinks