I am in recovery from hard drugs and alcohol, so I am learning how to have fun sober and it's not impossible ; )
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thats good to hear. and before i say this im not a sober depressing anti booze and druggs type. but im glad you made the desicion of stopping with that stuff and yeah there is enough fun to have without that stuff. i did drugs to and i miss it but had to make that decision because it didnt work for me si i made that decision to get a life and build a future and i have never looked back and im doing great. and so wil you its hard sometimes but if you have the strength to make that decision you got the power to move on. take it slow in your own rythem and you wil kick *** and do great.

Congrats!!! You'll experience much greater things in life now! Happy for you even though I don't know you.

my brother is a recovering alcoholic for 10 yrs. it is a constant struggle but it can be done...((good attitude))

I'm sure it's hard good luck

Ayyyyyy lol

good to hear! keep it up girl! I believe in you :)

Good for you - keep up the good work and all my best for a full recovery and a great life ahead!!

I love that you mention a "full recovery", that is the best kind.

Yes, it is - thank you!

I am living proof that it is possible, a testimony to 12 steps taking me to a place much better than I had imagined and has given me a life that is worth living. One day at a time. I am happy for you, the best is yet to come !

Stay busy

It's definitely possible. Most of the fun I have had in my life was sober.

Good luck! Sometimes it can be great fun being the only one sober at a party and watching the silly antics of others.
Maybe you will find a friend who is not into alcohol or drugs or someone from one of your new hobbies. Perhaps this could lead into a long term relationship if that is what you want.
The future is now yours because you are having fun.
Do you live in an area where you can have a dog?
I have found dog walking people some of the friendliest and easy to talk to. Learning how to communicate with an understand and love a dog can bring you into a better life.
Off for a squirrel hunt soon - woof woof :)

You should play videogames, best addiction ever haha. On a more serious side, its now a great way to find ur passions and hobbies amd such. Feel free to try anything ( that doesnt harm you ofc)

I've found an interest in doing makeup.

Hey that's cool. U can stArt even a career that. Just do it so it can make u discover more about it

true, thanks for the ideas though, I've been trying to get into video games and like series of tv shows

Ive been playing videogames my entire life. Its very time consuming but enjoyable. If u need ideas for games just send me a message ^^

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Good!!! What's the hardest part?

I'd have to say boredom and when I'm feeling a type of way.. like sad or angry..

I am glad to hear you are recovering, that is awesome!

When I am extremely bored I ********** or watch **** and **********. Takes my mind off the daily grind and after a nice release, I can sleep.

Just a thought

You must be very very bored to be writing on the Experience Project :)
Seriously you come across now as a lovely genuine person who is understanding her problems and taking steps to make a new life.
Have fun

Previous reply was to Lisa and not Joe whose comment may be somewhat insensitive.
Sometimes drug addicts have to sell their bodies for sex.
Love, affection and care may be needed before pleasure from sex can be restored.
Hope Lisa finds dealing with wankers can be fun and amusing ****hugs****

Ha... Sounds like many without the habit. Most people don't have a plan or an approach on how to deal with the temporary transitional responses. Mind me asking how you go about it?

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