It's so dumb. Lots of my friends in college like to get wasted and high. But why? Can't we all have fun by getting a cup of coffee and sharing some laughs? Noooo we have to smoke pot and Siena tequila -.- :(
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Yeah raises a good point I me-*looks at profile pic*....yeah, what...?

I just turned 21 and don't care to smoke or drink. It's a waste of time and money.

I'm the same way! There are not many things in this life where you can be absolute. I have never did drugs/alcohol and never been in a ***** club. I'm glad i can say that and it means something to me.. It doesn't mean its the right way, thats the beauty of life, to make your own decisions.

completely agreed. It's ridiculous! Never grow up. I think the definition of an adult is someone who wastes their live away getting caught up in addictive substances and bullshit society.

just keep that attitude ..You will live longer & go father in life..I never drank,smoked,etc...& I have had fun all of my life

Farther* haha thanks for the support :)