People ask and I say no. People say that it is the best experience of your life to smoke a little. It's not. Everyone thinks you need to get drunk a little here and there. You don't. Getting high and getting drunk to have fun makes you look like you have no life at all. There is so much more then a puff or bottoms up. Just remember you don't need to be that cool kid saying yeah I did that last week. Be the person that says no I don't do that because life is worth more than that.
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If you're happy than you don't need help for it

I wish everyone would think like that. Most people think that by taking drugs and drinking alcohol they become cool or something. In fact they become a lot more stupid and they risk their lives but unfortunately they don't realize that.

Not only does it LOOK like you have no life at all, in actuality you DON'T.

I'm proud of you ....

I agree with u 100% but I do want to try a few drugs with the right person not to be cool just to c what everyone tripping over

Shop shelf drugs can be worse then some street drugs look up research chemicals, they are sold in stores

Untrue, like I said look up research chemicals, unknown substances that make you high that get on shelfa because no one knows what they do beside the manufacturer

K2 (fake weed is on shelves) that's worse than marijuana so do some research before you keep talking and maybe google will help you

They are constantly raiding stores that sell drugs and taking of those drugs when they find certain substances in them that are mind altering and affect your health in harmful ways

I want street drugs

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I will :)

Good for you because it isn't the best exp!!!

very very true

This is actually really true!(: