1 yr clean and sober, working a program, on the 25th of Feb.
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Congratulations! One day at a time :) every day is a miracle

Very good! I'm a Dom with over 10. Having a blast

Good on you mate! I love to hear it. Keep it up.

keep up the good work.30 years for me not drinking alcohol

15 yrs last friday

from one alcoholic to another

love it congrads .

love con grads


Awesome :-D rolled over 4 years sober on 5 Dec 2015

Awesome job keep it up

congratulations it gets easier. may you have many more years happy.

wow guys thank you for the encouragement. talk about ego inflation??

great job ! :-) best wishes to you !

Way to go! Good for you...:)

That's awesome one day at a time.Good job

thats great :)

wow thank you. I'm doing it everyday, one day at a time, for the newcomer.

That is great for you. One day at a time. I have over 15 years clean--it has made my life so much better! Proud of you.