Unlike most people my age I've never done drugs and I hardly drink/drink in moderation. I plan to keep it that way
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You can do it. I never did as well even with situations in life where it was offered. You are better off. I drink rarely as well.

Good for you!

I never do drugs cuz it cost a lot of money. I need shoes, bag, and jewelry you know...


I've never done drugs unlike my sister who is really starting to get to a point of crawling back home

Good for you. Just wondering, did your parents allow you to try alcohol with them when you were younger? I don't drink much alcohol either, and I think it's partly because my parents allowed me to try it at home from an early age, but also explained to me that it's not good to drink a lot.

That's good. I think for the most part, if parents are strict with alcohol and don't introduce it to children in the home, it'll make teens more curious to try it, usually with their friends where it's more likely to become excessive and unhealthy.

Oh, I don't know that program. When it was Christmas when I was a child, my mum used to give me half a glass of wine and top it up with orange juice or lemonade. She did the same on birthdays too. I remember trying Baileys in my early teens and I thought it was gorgeous, so I started asking for that just at Christmas!