I feel like im the only one
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You're not the only,Sweets

You're not the only one.

Do you like sex?

Yea but your 100% a catfish sooo

How do you know?

You don't have any story's, your picture is to good to be real and Ive never seen a girl be that blunt

And this post has nothing to do with sex so your obviously to scared to inbox me so you are a guy that is hoping I am

Andddddd you made this today

How do you know I made this today?

It says in your bio...

So? You're hot!

So? So if you have been through my account you know I'm not interested in guys right now and even if I was im not going to waste my time on some guy that lies and says they are a girl

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A lot of people don't. The people who do are called alcoholics. The regular drinkers see alcohol as a fun enhancer, not a necessity.

no ur not i have my family and my g/f thats what makes me happy . yes ill borrow a few beers of my dad but that doest make fun its who im with

Been sober all my life. Well not exactly. I did try having beers. And also tried hard drinks. Both of which tasted so bad and I don't see the point in drinking without actually liking it. So I stopped.

Don't worry, you're not.

I enjoy smoking weed but I can have fun sober for sure, the trouble is finding friends who still go out and do things sober.

well, don't go down their road very often. one day they'll need you.

I enjoy smoking just as well as not, sometimes more, but I prefer to take breaks often to preclude negative effects and keep my tolerance low. I still like to do the same things when sober, it's the same to me, the biggest difference is that others will more often be active too.

that's way smart about the tolerance.

Thank you, and also it elevates your serotonin levels so if you are high more than sober your body can adjust and expect that higher level of serotonin (which can also be gotten by exercise, sex, and anything else that makes a person feel "happy", including chocolate) and will make you feel depressed if it isn't kept at or near that level or higher. Not as bad as direct withdrawals but it can be a problem for someone who used unreasonably heavily.

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Believe me, you're not alone. I've never done drugs, and I rarely drink at all. Only socially. I enjoy life and all the good times it brings without those substances.

I don't need it to have fun anyway alcohol is a depressant.

I agree.

You aren't alone in that. :)

Sober over here

Good job?