Most kids my age are looking forward to the parties , sex and "fun" that college will bring them. That just isn't me. I do not mind having a good night out with people but I don't find waking up in a foreign bed hungover, appealing. Just my 2C
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I have never done illegal drugs and have not drank in over 20 years. Who needs it?

I have a question for those who do. What are you trying to escape?

oh thank god there are people like me T.T i thought i was alone on this world T.T

Haha, there are lots of people who don't like alcohol and drugs, so you're definitely not alone.

That's wassup bro! Not too many people your age share the same belief, especially these days. That's good for see it like that. You're gonna avoid a lot of problems that could've happened and didn't because of your way of thinking. Me; I feel like I haven't completely "pissed-out" all my Crazy Days lol, I still got some more I look forward too but I have a lot of bad experiences that have taught me what not to do this time around but again GOOD FOR YOU BRO! Keep it up! Enjoy life how you -enjoy life- and not how others try and push it on you. you're a rare breed. #takecarebroham

Good thinking, you're more mature than your age.

Nursing a hangover. Weed is nice but **** booze yo

same here :)

People should just away from alcohol and drugs. I don't get what's so good about them.


Why should people start in the first place?

Expectation + Peer pressure .

That's a valid point, but people who know it's wrong should be more confident in themselves and learn to say no. At the end of the day, they don't care how that person deals with the a consequences.

I agree completely . But thats te way it is , to " fit in " or things alike . People who know its bad just think it couldn't be that bad , and that stuff it gives ( whatever it gives I am not aware of ) outweighs the things it takes away ( such as health ) .

I can't say no to that haha.




Have you used drugs before?

No I haven't.

That's probably why u don't get what's good about them? Because they're not like any feeling you can have in a baseline consciousness.

If it wasn't for alcohol we wouldn't have become civilized humans where nomadic wonders until the accidental discovery of beer after that they settled in Mesopotamia and started to farm beer. Thus the first civilization is born.
We wouldn't have Christmas trees, Santa, elfs, raindeer, or anything christmasy without Amanita muscaria mushrooms to influence the Germanic people start those traditions. Art wouldn't exist all ancient art is simply the drawings of closed eye visuals from ayahuasca brews in myan and Aztec areas or magic mushrooms in Europe blue lotus in Egypt and most of Africa opium in Asia and good old mescaline, ergin(the fungus you make LSD from) and more magic mushrooms in America.

Did you know opium is illegal because white law makers in the late 1800s early 1900s didn't like Asians using Asian traditions here so they banned opium. They then ban the Mexican/ black drug cocaine. But it's also a rich white person drug so is schedule 2 substance instead of schedule one meaning less penalty and all that. while crack cocaine which is just cocaine combined with baking soda water and heat only to make it smoke able and Cheeper carries a 10x penalty (meaning 1 gram of cocaine 1 year in jail 1 gram of crack 10 years in jail.) compared to coke but it's the same thing. Guess who uses coke more that's right white people with crack being marketed towards black people. Weed is also known as wacky tobaccy but unlike the popular white drug tobacco weed isn't a white drug so it's illegal weed was made illegal because hemp was supposed to pass wood as a Cheeper way to make paper rich white people who had money in the timber industry didn't like that an ran smear campaigns to criminalize weed because "blacks and Mexicans smoke refer and will rape white women"
And last but not least, even tho it has no deaths from over dosing no direct damage to the user no possible potential for addiction (because if you use it enough to get addicted you build up a tolerance strong enough that you don't even feel the effects anymore making constant use that leads to addiction impossible) and has been used by humans for thousands of years LSD (LSD was not used for thousands of years but ergin the fungus you make LSD from was) psilocybin and dmt are some of the most illegal drugs in this country why is that. we'll we can't have white people behaving like heathen Indians now can we and there is nothing 19th century amarica a hated more then those mushroom eating barbarians known as Indians

Drug laws are racist stupid protect no one and the drug war actually kills thousands more then addiction ever could it cost billions of dollars flood jails with people who's only crime is possession.

I'm not saying drugs are good because they aren't good or bad they are simply a substance the intention you have using it makes it bad or good
There are bad drugs tho cocaine opium (heroin Vicodin morphine) or research chemicals which brings me to my last thing why the **** does a drug that's the exact same effects as LSD it's the same exact **** except it kills you at 300 (3 tabs) micrograms legal but LSD which doesn't kill you is illegal.... If you do your research on drugs you'll quickly see there propaganda fear campaign websites and there are scientific sights with research date stats they actually study it while sights like dare just try to scare you into never doing it then you do it once realize everything you know about drugs was a lie so you try all of them because you want to know the extent of the lie and that's how people get to into drugs because once you realize there much much safer then school made them look your super open to trying them and you forget that they can go wrong don't use if you don't want to but don't not do them because you where lied to your hole life.

The exact same thing as LSD (visuals feeling basically effects are the same) except 3 tabs (300) micro grams kills you while 3 tabs of LSD is a low to moderate trip is completely legal but LSD is highly illegal there the same drug but one kills you at a low dose. This drugs name is i25 mbome if you ever take a tab of acid and it's bitter it's a spitter because acid has no taste at all while i25 has a bitter taste.

But it's so ingrained in our western society that drugs are bad that I bet you think I'm a horrible drug addict because I support responsible drug use. Kinda how your gay if you support gays or a ****** lover if you support black people in the 20th century. If you would like to know more about drugs I'd be happy to share I'll tell you the good the bad the pretty and ugly sides of most drugs or at least the ones I'm familiar with :)

:D thank you

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