I tried ecstasy back in December for my birthday. It was easily the most insane experience I have ever had in my life. So at 11:00 in the morning I popped the whole pill, I was by myself when I took it. My friend was on his way over and lived about 30 minutes away. About 20 minutes passed and my arms started to feel funny, so I just tried to ignore it and continued to watch TV. An hour into it I still felt the same, my friend had texted me asking where to park. I went ahead and texted him back, set my phone down and continued to watch TV. About a couple of minutes later I had this intense feeling come over me. I looked all around as it kept getting stronger and stronger, I freaked out and picked up my phone to call my friend (who was barely pulling up). As I had my phone firmly in front of my face, I could see my phone moving side to side really quickly and a yellow light all around it with an orange spot in the bottom right hand corner. as this was going on I could hear a sound that sounded like the wheel from the price is right. I threw my phone down and started pulling my hair back ( it felt like I was pulling my skin off). So I got up and ran into the garage so I could have my friend talk me down. as I was running I felt the blood in my legs moving really fast and it felt cool. As I got into the garage I freaked out and ran back inside. when my friend finally got into the house I tried to have him talk me down, he was the worst person for the job. I threw him my phone and had him call my old co-worker who has taken ecstasy before. My co-worker picked up and I told him that it was freakishly intense. He asked, "how much did you take?" I said,"the whole pill man." he said, "fuuuuuuuccccc*****!" apparently I was only supposed to take half of the pill. we continued to have a little conversation, which really calmed me down. I went out and smoked quite a bit of weed to keep myself calm. After I did that I called about 25 people that day telling them about the experience and how intense and how amazing it was. (I was doing that the whole time I was rolling which was about 6 hours) the come down was crappy I didn't want to do anything, even watching TV sucked. the next month rolled by and I loved the experience I had on ecstasy. until one week later, I started having severe anxiety, everything would freak me out. I did some research and found out that high quantities of MDMA (which is "molly" or "ecstasy") can lead to those symptoms about a month after the experience. Also the max amount of MDMA that you can take at one time is 180mg, the pill I took was 300mg. With that being said for your first time rolling that is an insane amout, and since it was over the 180mg mark, it causes further damage to your brain. The experience I had on it was definitely a good time(after the initial panic) but I have no desire to do it again. since the panic attacks I have stopped drinking, smoking, and even drinking sodas. my body just couldn't handle it ever since. The anxiety is getting better, and so is the sex drive. but by the end of this month I should be back to normal
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I can't imagine feeling like you did.

it was definitely insane. most people that have experience taking it, their jaw dropped when they hear how much I took

Yeah I'm sure

if you have any questions about it you can message me! :)

x is a date rape drug so u dont remember but you do ???? i dont now what u took but it wasn't x or u wont remember i asked my dad he thinks it was peyote

X isn't a date rape drug. X is MDMA if you look up MDMA on Google and look at the drug forms it will tell you everything you need to know. and peyote is usually in a drink. peyote is a psychedelic so it's like LSD and shrooms