It's true. I can can fun without them.

But really? What's the point? I'd rather be stoned out of my mind
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I certainly don't need them to have fun!!!

Watching grass grow and paint dry is plenty of fun for me!!!!

Good luck with that

I believe the point to just have fun.


Wait until it turns into an addiction and you start to lose everything, just like it did to me, use your head and keep it together.

It's a joke. Lighten up.

A joke, really? It wasn't a joke when I lost my first wife and the love and respect of my 3 children because from getting high a few times a week just with weed no longer was enough, hello Oxy's, drinking a case of beer a day, bouncing around from job to job, selling anything I had of value to help support my new love over my first wife and kids, divorce followed after 20 plus years, it continued with my 2nd wife until I woke up on Aug 29, 2013 and decided to get my life together, ever since, I've regained the love and support of my kids, the same from my 2nd wife, and me and my ex are even friends now, we talk on Facebook and even on the phone once in a while, my wife doesn't mind, she isn't jealous, she has no reason to be, she has even talked to my ex and they are friendly with each other, my point is that it took all I had in me plus more to get out of a life of drinking and drugging, that just started out with a few puffs every now and then, but it all started at age 14 for me, I'm now 57, I go to AA and NA meetings daily, now I'm not saying you are like me at all, I hope you are not, but thinking that it's ok to toke and you can let it go at that is the trap, please don't fall into it, it will swallow you whole. Read my posted stories if you want to see what drug addiction did to me and the ones I was suppose to love and support, it isn't a joke and I won't lighten up about speaking my mind, I wish I never took that first "hit" or drink, I lost so much and wouldn't wish that on anyone. God Bless.

Yes it was a joke and you've blown it out into a personal lecture.
If you wish to rant make your own post don't hijack someone's else's.
God bless

I didn't hijack your post, it just presented an opportunity to make a point, go ahead and smoke your damn *** off, I really could care less what you do with your life.

For what it's worth, I haven't been high in 2 decades. I drink in moderation and I can't actually recall the last time I was drunk.
Not that I owe you an explanation.
People need to learn personal accountability. I am sorry for your life experience.
We all have weaknesses and tendencies. I've had isolated problems with alcohol in the past, but I've learned to adapt.
I ain't perfect, but I work hard.
So again, lighten up and maybe look yourself in the mirror

No, You didn't owe me an explanation, people in life will do as they please, who am I to judge, I have been clean and sober for almost 2 years and 7 months, one day at a time, it all started with pot for me at age 14 and led to narcotic pain killers, I ate them like M&M's for years, as well as drinking just about anything with alcohol in it, but I did prefer Corona, I look in the mirror today and like who is looking back at me, it took me long enough, God Bless.

Congrats on the sobriety :)

Thank You, one day at a time works for me, too bad it got so out of control in my life, but it's a miracle I've made myself new and whole again, especially at my old *** age.

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you can can fun without them? ... is that a dance? ;p
..........and so would I haha

Yeah I don't need sneakers to run but it helps.


I didn't hijack your post, it just presented an opportunity to make a point, go ahead and smoke your damn *** off, I really could care less what you do with your life.