I was raised a muslim so I didn't even see what a bottle of wine looked in real life until I was maybe 15. I used to envy the people who were able to use these things. Popular culture shows drunk and drugged people in an ecstasy. I wanted to experience it. I stopped following my faith at around 17 and half years old. I am 18 now and yet to start using these things. Should I remain straight edge? I need some advice from people who have experienced alcohol and drugs. Are they worth it?
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Why would you like to try that?
I don't think good about it.
I drink sometimes but well there is a person who doesn't like that so I try not drinking.
But if you need an advice then write me

There are so many things in this life to experience. Good things! I never understand why drugs are so appealing, as there is a chance it can actually destroy you. I have never taken drugs. I didn't drink alcohol until I was in my 40's for religious reasons.

I know people who drink to be social and others that do it to hide their pain. Some do drugs for the same reason. In anything you do, make sure it's for a good reason and if it's not, don't do it. Drugs are addictive and I don't think I have EVER heard a good reason to do them. At some point, you lose control of YOU. It's not really something that you can exercise "control" of or keep from controlling you.

Alcohol can be the same way but I think you do have the ability to control your intake and if you don't, don't do it. I know people who just want to ... get drunk. Why? People over indulge in many things. People eat too much candy or food. Some drink too many cokes or too much coffee. Some people complain too much. Some people lie more than they tell the truth and the lie becomes their truth. In all things, one needs to avoid excess and some things need to be avoided completely. If you can't control you and who you are, don't do it. If you don't have a good and sound reason, don't do it.

Life is too short to allow your actions to control who you are to become. The more negatives you allow, the harder the shell is you build around you and eventually, you can become trapped in your own bad decisions.

socially is ok. experimenting is ok. to get yourself addicted is no good. keep a level head

How do i avoid getting addicted? I seem to get addicted to everything I enjoy...

Then stop.