a lot of guys are so willing to have sex with you when they are drunk but wouldn't give you the time of day if they are sober
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Best not to build relationships when you're intoxicated, doesn't show any of us at our best!!

life isasobering experience,as is love.we liveand learn

You're very pretty I'd have sex with you drunk or sober

I don't get why ur a cutie

I HATE that... Women can be just as bad by the way ;)

I don't have a watch so I can't give you the time of day but I'd have sex with you no matter what time it is.

Wow !! I really hope that isn't your experience. Are you having a good time at it anyway ? One can only hope.

You look quite nice to be honest , do you have a nice figure ?


Like to chat ?

I imagine that might be true for to many guys, but I wouldn't know first hand. I've never used drugs or alcohol recreationally nor have I smoked. What was the cause of you PTSD?
Would you like to be my friend?

how did you know about the ptsd

You posted it as one of your groups. I was just getting to know all about you.

It's right below your "I have a strong sex drive" on my screen.

I enjoy doing a little 420 to help start my motor...lol

but just a buzz not drunk?

I smoke medical marijuana and the most I usually do is 2 hits and that is all. I don't like getting real high....I prefer getting mellow