So This Is A Goal.

I seem to do the same thing every weekend.  Go out sit, drink, smoke, and wish I would not have done those things in the morning.  Seems like it's more of a habit than anything else.  Always going through the motions.  Maybe I'm weak willed.  I'm extremely tired and feel run down from doing this.  I'm definately ready for some kind of change.  I've enjoyed reading a lot of the stories on here, and I hope that soon I can change from a goal and just be a member of the group.

Bullgerbal Bullgerbal
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

You need to be more self aware. Why do you do this. Probably instant gratification.Most people who are addicted or can't change their habits only do things for short term pleasure not long term gain.You need to learn self control which will come with self awareness. Try meditation. Your life will change forever but don't expect it to be easy - it's a challenge as is anything worthwhile.<br />
However,a bit of alcohol is great for relaxation as long as you can stop when you want to before it gets to the hangover stage. Don't think that all people who have meditated are boring,we aren't we like to have fun to but without the pain afterwards.