Theres More To Life Then Drugs And Alcohol

So I just have been doing alot of thinking and well I think its sad how people think the only way to have fun is by getting drunk and doing drugs. I mean what is the big hype of throwing up in a toilet or ending up in the hospital because you overdosed on drugs. I just think there is more to get involved with then just turning to drugs and alcohol to feel a big hype. I mean I'm proud to say I dont do these things but there was a short period of time where I stooped low and gave in. I def. regret doing it but I am proud to say Ive never been drunk but I have done other stupid things. I'm just so glad that I bounced back real fast I mean I realized I was an adult now and it was time to grow up and not act immature. I mean I have my job, school, and the future I wanna build for myself. I have alot going for me and I dont want anything to ruin it esp when its something stupid like drugs and alcohol. I hope one day people realize that this is not the answer to everything and that you can do so much if you took the time to look around and see the many opportunities  that are around them and that drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol can lead them down the wrong path. It can also destroy the future that they are working for and possibly could vanish because of the choices like drugs and alcohol. So I hope everyone makes good choices and realizes that you really dont need all these drugs and alcohol to have fun theres a world that needs discovering so go out there and look what surrounds you. You just may be surprised at what you see/

Liz5589 Liz5589
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Good for you, Liz :) I'm glad you can see past this. There is so much more to life! Getting high on life is the best high of all...