It Doesn't Cost You ...

To share or show your love.

It shouldn't hurt you

to share or show your love.

True love is patient, and kind.

If I were to find love, true love --

I will be patient, and kind.


In return, all that I ask from my friends -

I don't need money to be loved.

I don't need possessions to be loved.

I don't need gifts of diamonds and candy, expensive trips or exotic locales.

I don't need promises made that you can't keep.

I don't need to hear lies that cut too deep.

I don't need to know that this is forever - or a dream.


Some days I just need to know that this is possible.

That there are people in the world that want nothing from me - except for my love.

That there are people willing to give and receive this freely, without restriction.


I need you to know that even if my love is not returned - that I can give from my heart freely - and that is the greatest gift that I will ever give you.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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10 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I also read somewhere that ' should never cry over a man that loves you, and a man that truly loves you would never make you cry - but when you're in it for sex, all bets are off!! ' Thought that was appropriate to add here...

LMAO mrcellophane! Yep - sometimes I am known to string a couple of words together here and there. =] <br />
Love Python - the Flying Circus reruns on the BBC are my fav.

Wow. A potential kindered spirit. Such written eloquence, same simple outlook on life that I share, and you like Python? do you really exist?<br />
<br />
Shut that bloody bouzouki up!

Thank you so much - I am glad you like it. <br />
I wish people (men and women) would realize it is not what you buy us, or give us to show us love. It is being with that person - or even the thought that this may exist somewhere.

that is amazing !!!<br />
we can hardly find people like you <br />
you're really sweet <br />
Good luck ;)

i like this!!! a beautiful story coming from a beautiful soul!!!!! i love it!!!

Wow, that was gorgeous. It Blue me away. :-) I really loved it.

Thanks flour ---

oh mizz b. this is very beautiful!!

Thank you destry~~~ <br />
I am glad you like it :)