Am I Here For There Entertainment?

i mean really if you say your gonna do something, DO IT!!! Shoot, I know I make that person happy when they are around me, but enough. You actually have the balls to get angry because I didnt call you for your Bday when I dont hear from you for three weeks and cant call you because your man is a controlling ***. Really, Let me see now, maybe you should **** or get off the pot. Stay in a miseraale situation and suffer when you have been given the opportunity to leave over and over. And i try to acvcomodate you after all that and you blow me off F.... Ugh. Can you tell This has pissed me off.
Well people just really need to get a grip, shut your mouth already. I have no one anyhow so I havent lost anything anyhow. Im alone as always and I can deal with it.
So hgow many p[eople like this are out there? Way to many.
wodman1 wodman1
46-50, M
Jul 26, 2010