I Hate One Sided Friendships

There's nothing worse than being in a one sided friendship but I have a difficult time just ending it. We've been friends for over 30 years now but here lately the lopsidedness has gotten worse. I can't understand why he's being such an *** here lately either. He's also more of an *** when I try to talk to him about it. He actually tries to make me feel bad for saying something.

I do everything I can to help him but when I need something he just won't do it. I've crawled on the ground in a parking lot in the rain to help him with a starter even. He doesn't even try to come up with a valid excuse not to help me he just won't do it. The last time I asked him to do something I was on vacation and all I got was "I don't have time to mess with it." It was not a time consuming thing I was asking him to do. I got another friend to do it no problem and with less hassle than my friend of 30 years was causing which doesn't make any sense to me. It was for my business so I was also going to pay him very well, I might add, for helping me out while I was away. Before I left I even asked him if I could count on him while I was gone. He agreed he would be available for whatever I needed.

To make matters worse, if I just end our friendship, is the fact that he has no other friends that he stays in contact with regularly. He has no wife or gf either so it is basically just him at his house. He never goes out or comes over to my house even though we invite him all the time. His attitude towards people runs everyone off but not me not yet anyway. However, I am getting very tired of the way things have been going lately because I really don't need people who aren't there for me when I need them.
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some times its better to get rid of someone that is causing you this much pain. you have to think...why are they even around? it's clear that this "friend" doesn't care about you. he's on with his life and you are venting about it on this site (not that is a bad thing) just saying he's sleeping at night and you are upset. I've learned in this past year that I've had to cut people out of my life that were no good. no warning, no nothing and guess what i haven't heard from them. until they need to vent to me about what they are going through I'm lonely but I'd rather be lonely than wondering where my true friends are. if that makes sense.

It is so hard to just walk away sometimes.

You are so right it really is thanks for understanding!