Do I Have A "kick Me" Sign On My Back?

I'm not even going to type out some fancy entertaining story here. I don't feel like it and my head is throbing from a stress headache as it is. But what just happened to me is so outrageous I just had to share it with the world.

Basically, I got an invitation to a baby shower from a childhood friend who is throwing a baby shower for her sister in a neighboring state ( a 5 hour drive from my home).

Sounds harmless enough on the surface right? But I haven't seen or talked to this woman or her sister in something like 13 years!

To make it worse, my mother died in 2011. Now I didn't tell this woman because we had stopped contact way before then. But my dad ran into her mother at a grocery store and told her the news. So I am sure the woman and her sister know my now.

They never sent me a sympathy card..... but now I am getting a baby shower invite and am expected to get a gift???????????

This isn't even the first stupid move by this family. Shortly after my dad told their mom my mom died, we got an invitation to her sons wedding reception... BUT NO SYMPATHY CARD,EVER!

I'm so convinced this is how this family "brags". I don't think it is an oversite at all.

I decided I would go to the dollar store and get a cheap all ocassion note card, have my dad sign it, write her a cheque from his account, and adress teh evnvelope....

So when she gets a plain card, signed by a man for her baby shower maybe she and her sister will understand I want nothing to do with them!

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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

omg that's so selfish and frustrating. Me personally I wouldn't go. But that's just me. I always get invited some where but no one ever asks me how I've been or how I'm doing. I lost my son and no one takes that I'm going crazy (depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc). I don't get a how are you. Sucks and I'm sorry about your mother. I hope you have pace from that. :)