Need Love!!

i just cant get my head around these modern day times, when you are almost expected to start having sex from a very young age, and sometimes your seen as being a bit weird if you dont!! and a lot of people seem to brag about how many partners they have had, and so on!! now im not saying that living your life this way is in any way wrong or bad, cosi mean everyone has a right to live their life the way they wish, but its just not the way i like to live my life!!! and im not embarrassed to say that, even though im a man!!! i would prefer a good kiss and a cuddle with the woman that i truly love any day!! "if only all dreams came true!!"
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I know, me too, I think both are necessary but I prefer love as in a 80-20 proportion where love wins.

i know *4vrunique* spot on!!! thanks for commenting

Don't live the stereotype. Just be yourself. Those people who think its weird are not worth you time since they don't agree.

i know, im the same *Timide*!!! you know, i always feel like im a weirdo or something, cos as you say, your yet to meet a guy like me in real life, and i always just wonder sometimes if there is something wrong with me, cos im the type of guy that would prefer a kiss and a cuddle to sex, and i would also see sex once or twice a week as being enough, and i dont go out just looking for sex either!!!

Wow, I'm glad to hear there are guys like you out there! I have yet to meet one. It makes me so mad when people expect you to start having sex immediately when you start dating someone. People these days don't understand that sex is kind of a big deal. It's not meant to be wasted on just anyone, and I think that if you don't really love someone, the sex won't be as good as if you really loved that person. People don't care about that though....I also wonder what's wrong with me because I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person I know that thinks sex once or twice a week is definitely enough sex.