Its Not A Nessesity

Its is a craving that our flesh has, not my mind. I have never had sex. If i met a realy nice girl and she never wanted to have sex then I wouldnt not be with her because of that. I truly believe a relationship with another person means more than sex. altho, saying that gets me laughed at alot. Even a preacher laughed at me for thinking this way, he asked me what if I have urges and I tell him yes but I ignore them. im 20 and still a virgin and that gets me a bunch of wierd looks, specialy because its by choice. luckily I have a hand full of friends that do not judge me for this. but these thoughts and urges are pretty hard to fight, im surprised I have gone this long! xD
Krie Krie
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I don't think being a virgin is something to be ashamed of at all. I'm a virgin as well and I'm proud of not giving in to guys wants. I get looks as well, and snickering, but i don't care one bit. I'm old fashioned in my own way and i'm sticking to that. I believe in respect for your spouse and getting to know each others bodies before getting to know each others minds tears away all respect. So keep on fighting :D

You can be pretty much proud of yourself for those thoughts. I think it's better to have never sex with someone you don't love than getting yourself into great trouble. It could also break the heart of a person if you would say: Yeah, I had sex with you, but I didn't love you. So I think it's better to wait for the right person and the right moment then mindlessly walk around and follow your urges. Thus I would wait in your stead. Just wait, someday you will find your special someone. At least I think so.