I Do Not Require Your Permission To Be Who I Am

I’m sick of titles in school, ‘nerd’ ‘pretty’ ‘skinny’. I don’t need them anymore. So keep them for yourself! You think I’ve changed, But actually I think I just found me! I don’t have that need of wanting to be accepted. I don’t think being different is wrong I think it’s the best it gets! You know what this world lacks – originality. You know another way to say original – different. Not the same things we are forced to want to be by T’V and magazines!  That’s original. 
I no longer need anyone’s permission or acceptance on what I’m because I’m sick of being a people pleaser.  I’m just me! So love me or hate me as long as I’m right I really don’t give a crap!
I pity the cool crowds, The ‘wannabe’s’ because it’s sad how they have no personalities, And therefore have to live by someone else’s. Because they are too insecure to think, too scared to try, too coward to be original, and that’s not the girl I want to be! I’m starting to learn to love myself and therefore I have stopped caring for what others think.
I guess better late than never! Because honestly I have never felt better! It’s like finally knowing who I am. And being her and loving her for who she is makes me feel even better! =)
So I think it’s time for you to sit and think about who you are, And if you are a people pleaser like I used to be then mark my words it’s not going to take you far. So give it up,  and become one of those who please Allah because that my dear is not a waste, He is the only being worthy of our attention, deeds and worship.  
May Alah guide us all =) 
echo101 echo101
13-15, F
Aug 6, 2010