I Don't Get People That Do.......

I understand that some people need to vent about other people sometimes to feel better, but I don't understand why putting someone else down by either saying something humiliating about them, or straight up mean would make someone feel better about themselves. I'm human so of course I talk about people I know, people I'm friends with, and people that I cross paths with, but every time I do I always feel bad about it afterwards because I start thinking about how they're a person too and just because I don't like them or don't like something about them doesn't make them a horrible person. If anything I'm in the wrong for letting it bug me so much that I take time out of my life to either think about them or say something about them for just being who or whatever they are. If anything most people I talk about I only talk about because theres something about them that I'm jealous of that makes me feel insecure and makes me feel like I need to be defensive, so really most of the time its not even about them. I've realized this and I think thats why I could never be one of those people that does it in order to feel better about themselves. However I also understand that there are people who exist that nobody likes because theres just no other way to see them other than a b**** or an a**hole. But I still don't think its right to give these people a verbal beat-down every time they are mentioned, they're still people with emotions even if you don't see them.

People that do that and are obviously getting some sort of high off of it really turn me off. I don't want to be associated with those types of people, and I don't ever want to be one of them.
explainit2me explainit2me
26-30, F
Aug 7, 2011