Seriously, it REALLY bugs me when some random adds me and says "tell me about yourself?" I have written pretty much my whole life down on EP, and pretty much every thought I have had in the past year. If you want to know something about me, just look at my stories first....
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I knooooooooooooooooooooooow =) And no I don't own a Kangaroo =P

Hi!! Umm...what's yer name, where do ya live, how tall are you, married?, single? , what do you do, why are you here, what time is it there, what's your religion, what's your fave music, do you watch tv, what's yer weight, what color do you like, how many friends do you have, are you happy, why don't you talk much, what color is your hair, got any dogs?, what make you tick, what do you like to eat, what makes you sick, do you own a kangaroo?, do you like jokes, is that you in the avi, what's your name mean, can i see your pics?, wanna see mine?, what's your fave movie, do you own a cat, do you drive, are you rich, got brothers and sisters?, do you like poems, how long you been here, when are you leaving ep, what's a "Nirvana", do you drink, what do you drink, why do you drink, ........ <br />
Hahahahaha, you mean stuff like that? Omg, NOBODY reads my stories or even the one that says "READ THIS BEFORE ADDING ME!". I gave up trying :( Lol, I told the last one that I drink because of silly questions from people like them! I think my favorite question to get is "are you married?" aarrgh! READ PEOPLE, JUST READ!