I Dont Get My Bf Anymore

I dont no why i gwt upset sayin goodbye to people, emotions run high tears come and i end up looking rather stupid.  Can u blame it on pple family/relationships   or is it to do with the past????   in my case its to do with the past and my boyfriend who has just walked out on my whole family without saying goodbye or even thank you for there hospitality.

im at a loss as i really dont no wat to do, i think that he just its ungreatfull and cant b botherd to wait till they get up.  His freind had some disitation to had in and asked my bf to help as there in the same course diff unis so my bf gose at 610 amand says he has to b back in town by 8 well he wont b.

we consdently fight and he asked me to marry me and i have given the ring back so many  times that i have said keep it for now untill we r if we r even ready 4 it, i dont want to hurt him but why do i feel like hes hurtin me???? 
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Sounds like he is a bit insensitve and casual and you are maybe a little oversensitive about farewells.He was definitely being very rude and you need to point this out to him but do not take it to heart so much as you are causing yourself unecessary pain.<br />
Think very carefully before you make things permanent as you may be too different for it to work.

I cry when i I have to say goodbye to someone too,especially if its someone who lives miles away. I cant say I feel good with every person I meet, but when I do I get attached to them very easy. The last time it happened was in Argentina. I spent 14 amazing days with this guy and when already at the airport I almost decided to miss the plane. I was in tears all the time during the 15hours flight back home and then at home it got even worse. I cant stand the feeling that there's only a very little chance to see him again. The thing is that I have huge problems getting over something or someone that made me happy for some time.Im feeling terribly nostalgic sometimes...ahh these emotions....