( Heaven On My Mind )

Heaven is one place that i think of quite a lot... I imangine it, and think of how things are going to be, all that i know is what John tell's us in Rev.. we can only image the glory that ewaits us when we get there... i want to expernice it, not just image it. the home that jesus went away to prepare for those that love him. i think of no more dieing, no more sickness, no more pain, no more unhappiness, no more darkness, no more people judgeing others, WOW what a place that is waiting for the one's that is serveing him... The place that some people think that don't think that is real.... i know in my heart that it heaven is going to be a alsome place and there we will be able to see the one's (family) that has went on before us.....amen!!! what a great day when christ returns......!!!!!!!! I just medatate on allllllllll the joy and happyness we are going to have........ I pray that the one's that don't have Jesus the mighty king in there live's will humble themselfs before it's to late, the time of his coming is drawing so close and after his coming and he emty's his wraft on this old world it will be to late for the one's that isn't serving him... and that upsets me cause jesus has so much to offer them and thay refuse to see or even except the fact of his coming... i just want them to know that without them thay will spend the rest of eternity in a place that thay think that an't even real, that's a very scary thing to think... Just cause i image it dosen't mean that it isn't real,,, heaven is real and **** is also, so my friends think of it this way,,, one of those places is waiting on u and one of these place is the place you'll spend the rest of enrinity,, just try him you will see that he is alll you have ever wanted in life, but if you chose to do otherwise than that is up to you.... god knows your heart...... Heaven and **** is real.
chosenone2003 chosenone2003
26-30, F
Jun 22, 2007