Beautiful ceramic lamps

On the way to visit my friend in hospital today I found a tucked away little shop selling the most beautiful ceramic lamps and wall lights.

I wandered in (making myself late for visiting ) and was welcomed by a friendly , slightly bohemian looking , lady who explained that everything was handmade and all made by her.

I loved all the lamps but didn't think I could buy one as they were a bit too expensive for my usual thrift shop bargains ..

I said " you must make a very good living " but she told me she just makes enough to get by on

She said  " I don't own a car or a home but I love my work "

Hours later, that has stayed with me

I envy her 

And it may not be this week or the next, but I am going to buy one of her beautiful lamps!


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I bought the lovely leaf lamp and have it in the front room where it glows beautifully in the evenings.<br />
<br />
For the past 3 months I have been laid up with broken bones and have finally decided I just cant bare seeing at a very ugly lamp on my desk any longer.<br />
<br />
I rang the lamp lady and asked if she has lamp similar to the one I bought from her .. she doesn't.<br />
<br />
But she does have a different stle one off green one .. and she is sending me a pic .. can't wait!!!

I haven't got my lamp yet, it is very different from these but all by the same artist

Love this story,Tas.<br />
What a huge blessing it must be to be able to earn one's livinig doing something one loves to do.<br />
I live in an artsy-fartsy town, and there are some courageous souls that have been able to achieve the same thing. I admire them for it.

that is such a beautiful story! :) i'm always inspired by people like that. thanks for sharing. x

thank you Zombiekitty

I have just rang and asked for one in the window and explained I can't come in at the mo .. she said thats fine she will keep it for me.<br />
<br />
Will show you pic soon xx

I am going to call the artist this morning and ask her to keep a lamp for me :)<br />
<br />
I have not worked all month and I know some people would think it quite mad as there are bills to pay .. but something that inspires and delights I think is more important right now

One of the many reasons I love you my friend! You take delight in and remember what is really important in this lifetime. Been missing you girl!<br />
<br />
xxoo Child

The lamp is a one off piece in the window .. I think I may have to phone her and ask her if she will keep it for me :)

I love the idea of you deciding to stop into a neat little shop and chatting to the bohemian owner and appreciating her beautiful work! You are a good example of people who create their own enjoyment by not get caught up in dull routine and obligations, but who also seek and find the beautiful and uniquel! <br />
<br />
Please post a photo of the lamp when you buy it!

I love stories like this...just a slice of "real life" with <br />
real people." Anyone who loves their work is blessed and she is doubly blessed cause she recognizes it. Whay a lovely gift this lamp will be for you! :)

Wow, that's beautiful