I Wonder How People Survived Before the Invention of Television

Considering the vast amounts of television-watching that people do (both here in the US and elsewhere), sometimes you just have to wonder: how did people cope before TV? Hard as it is to believe, life did exist - for many, many years - here on Earth without any televisions. Initially we may feel sorry for the scores of folks who have lived before us who didn't get to watch tv; but, they must have had some other ways of entertaining themselves, and looking back at history there may have been advantages to a 'no-television' lifestyle. They must have read more books than people do today (never a bad habit to adopt); for entertainment they had to either be creative and invent their own, or they had to go out and watch theater and singing performances in their towns. Cars were not always around either... when we think of all the technological advances that were made within just the last century or so, it would be good to be grateful and appreciative of it once in awhile. Life before tv must have been somewhat harder - though there are some people who simply choose not to watch it. And, I happen to be one of them.

Armine Armine
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 16, 2008

Never owned a TV - don't like it don't need it. . . .

They spent time with their loved ones and spouses. Even when you are watching TV with your girlfriend, you aren't really together. This is the ancient equivalent of you and your spouse being at dinner together but texting other people.

me too....no cable or satellite hook-up...but we do watch DVD movies - can i still be in the club?