I Haven't Had a Tv Since 1988

My lack of television did not start out as any sort of philosophical statement.  It began as a simple matter of not wanting to pay the cable bill when I was only watching a couple of shows each week.  So, sometime in 1988 I cancelled the cable.  You couldn't pick up anything worthwhile on the air, so the box just sat in a corner of the living room until I gave it away a few years later. 


I started doing things, rather than watching other people do them (or actors pretend to do them), and today, notwithstanding my unfortunate relationship situation, I have so much to do that I couldn't find the time to watch TV even if I had one.  I often get strange looks from people when I mention this.  Most people consider television indispensible.  I get the news from the radio, the Internet and The Economist, and that's enough.  If I'm too tired to do anything interesting, it's time to go to sleep.


I actually lasted for most of the TV free years without movie capability either, but I do now have the equipment necessary to play a DVD, so we watch movies when there's time and interest. (Time being always short...)


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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I agree. It's not really that we hate TV. It's more like we just don't have the time. There's so much to see out there and the more I explore the world around me, the happier I feel.<br />
In the end, we only really crave entertainment so that we can be made happy. When your source of happiness is inside you, you never feel the need for any external stimuli. I liken it to being your own personal nuclear reactor instead of relying on wood burning to make electricity.

Movies are much better. I have a TV and do watch it but I prefer movies. I think it's cool you choose to do other things.

Good for you; I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't watch TV anymore (we are a distinctive minority my friend, to be sure). I don't know, like you I guess I got tired of sitting around and watching 'the boob tube'; my dad is the biggest couch potato I know, and I decided long ago that I would not wind up like him. Like you, I get my information from radio (which I pretty much enjoy) and Internet. I fill in the gaps of my free time (which again, like you, seems to be short) by reading and writing short stories. Cheers!