Contrary to popular belief, I do not pee my pants.

It's Sprite.

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15 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Your tonnage of punnage would put the British to shame.

I might just be ******* in the wind here, but you may want to take a seat before the excessive potty humor bowels you over.

Me too. Props and yays to you and your punnage.


Thank you, zeligocity. I needed that laugh.

The story would be **** without ample punnage.<br />
<br />

Of course you went there. :P

Yeah, it's best not to know that urine his thoughts. He'd be pissy about you knowing anyway.

When I dissect things, I compare them to food... because... they look like food.<br />
<br />
Glad to see I've amused you, tomtom. :)


I didn't see the not, sorry. I wouldn't like to know the thoughts of any doctors, really. I mean, I wonder if any of them ever look at random food and think, "wow, that looks a lot like a spleen"

Yeah... I guess my wording is a bit off because I said I wouldn't like to know either. :P I mean... gross.

I wouldn't. If you ever find out the thoughts of any urologist, make a point to not tell me.

I would very much like to not know the thoughts of my urologist.

I'm sure your urologist feels differently. ;)