No, I never do this! I never want to abuse people and toy with them. I had enough of that happening to me in life, I know how it feels to realize when a person is just messing with your head. So, I would never do so! I don't speak with or contact people, until I am sure that I'm ready to take them seriously and not play around. :-)

I assume that everything a person tells me they are feeling or experiencing is REAL and correct. And therefore, I don't make light of it, or try to take advantage, or have fun with it. NO! And people who do this, make me sick! I mean, pukey and then very angry. I know that there are some people on EP (or on the Internet generally) who think this is all a game! It's NOT. And those persons need to seriously grow up and stop being a jerk! Besides, Karma is watching... and those who play with others emotions do have something nasty coming their way.

And Karma can be a real ***** too. Heehee. It's best to stay on her good side! ;-)

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

good for you shadow you are a sweetie!