I Am Your Friend

I have seen this happening on EP so much recently.

where individuals that became friends on here are no longer sharing their friendship with each other.

when i first arrived on EP a couple or so years ago my whole purpose was to make friends.

And it still is, and to those that have had the oportunity to get to know me and know me well. I do try to be a good friend.

I can sometimes get a bit out of line with my flirtacious ways. But that is who i am.

And if i happen to offend you because of who i am, then there is not much i can do to be your friend.

So we move on. And move on I shall.

this **** is even boring me.  lol

51-55, M
8 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Thank you lily, i am here for you to.<br />
<br />
and your kind words make me smile girl. <br />
<br />
thank you.<br />
<br />
hay and your my number one texas woman on here. :)

Sara, just reading some of the post that of my inner circle write. it's like evryone turns against each other for petty stuff. it's just not me, i like to enjoy EP and have a good time.

Candy, i'm gonna get you. you might not want me to let go if i do. lol

What's been happening like this, ptman? What brought this about?????

I know having a good time!!LOL<br />
..catch me!! Life is good! Lucky us!!! This wild Tigress.. you can't handle! well why not try ..hahaha! :-))

why are you here?

you are sizzling girl. i'm gonna chase you till i get you. lol<br />
<br />
this tiger is hungry for ya. :)

King *Tiger of flirts you *are just you! :-))boring *Spanks , crack ZzzZ whip LOL!!!*their loss mwah!!!<br />
Pixi's gain haha!