You Did This To Me... You Just Wont Admit It.

Dont tell me you care.

Because i can see the love inst in your eyes.

Dont tell me it was for my own good cause lok how i turned out.

You lied like every one else did.

Youve left me like everyone else did.

You have no idea how it feels to have no one. To know that if you fall now, thers no one left to catch you. or at least hold your hand to help you up.

I often wonder why i bother fighting for my existance. Its a futile war.

And I know my prize wether I win or I loose will be the same.


And what is so wrong with choosing my fate? Save myself the fight and claim the winnings now. Or rage on and prosper for another few years...

I cant even focus on my art right now.

Art is my only passion. And this piece is for someone whom i have admired for a long time... So why in gods name cant i pick up tha pencil and finish it?

OpheliaIncarnate OpheliaIncarnate
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

im sorry for this obvious struggle youre having dear....but i must say, i believe you have the power inside yourself to complete your art... <br />
i believe in you