Not Anymore

I've heard it all. I'm a failure, A freak, I won't get any where in life. Somewhere along the line I just stopped caring. so go Ahead say what you want. Somebody may be listening, but definitely not me..
Caleb8D Caleb8D
22-25, M
3 Responses Jun 4, 2013

The people who call you names and try to undermine your self-confidence by denigrating your considerable achievements are the losers, not you! After all, they don't know that real men fluff their aprons!! ;-)

Just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your stories and posts.......thanks for being active.

Thanks! :D

That is something I wish I could do. As I've gotten older I think my 'give a crap' doesn't work a hard as it used to, but I still let what others think of me affect more than it should.

Don't let other people control you. Your life is a one way street, you choose where it goes, and nobody can change it.

Thank you :)

No problem! :)