I just want to be myself.. to express what i feel and to be happy with my life. I might not think like any ordinary teenage girls.. but we are similar. In terms that we all wants to be loved.. I never had a boyfriend. People says i am pretty but i am not too sure because no one ever asked me out.. At some point i just cry because i thought no one. NO one wants me! I am just a plain waste!

but some one, someone really showed me something. He told me i was pretty since i was born. And he says he LOVE me.  Through and through.. He taught me not to care about what people think and taught me to think positively.. But now.. he is gone. and i promise him. To move on even no one is going to tell me "I LOVE YOU" and give me the courages words to move on.

He is my dad. I will always be a daddy's little girl no matter how old i get... because now. I DONT REALLY CARE
Amberstories Amberstories
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2010