I Have Hermit-like Tendencies.

When given the choice during my free time between going anywhere and staying home...I generally always choose home. Its always been this way, and I'm not exactly sure why. Even when I have friends over it usually just results in us sitting on my porch or laying on my bed talking for hours.

I've always preferred it to going and 'running the roads' or bar-hopping like most of the other people I know. On a very....VERY rare occasion I might go catch a movie or something, but the rest of the time I am home. :)
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2010

i love these comments, it makes me feel not so bad that I too am a non-doer.<br />
i feel like a hobbit on the verge of spontaneous combustion.

I spend year after year at home. Just waiting. Just thinking of what i can do next. Like hiding from everyone, when really im not. Who's everyone anyway. I dunno cuz i never see them.

:o Same, but I don't have any friends though, so I am alone all the time at home, I wish I could scream till I lack oxygen in my lungs whilst running on a highway :o Just free myself, or run so fast and jump into a pool :o