Waiting For Life To Start

ITS another November just like the last one, only this time i have a pc that i can break out a little and experience  ermmm  other  things that are not as boreing as nothing at all. So what im saying is,  i watch the years go round and nothing is changeing and i have even less of everything. Im in my fifties and i still only make new friends when i get a sentence of community service. That sparks my life up, and gets me outta my carravan with a free lunch too.
lafsnack lafsnack 51-55, M 7 Responses Nov 5, 2010

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your life is very inspiring :)

Im glad you think so :-)

Oops i just deleted the next comment which said 'That is actually quite funny'. It was an accident by me and i hope the writer returns to post it again. Another example of my suky life strikes again.

For being Narked by a dogooder who rang the police and said i was drunk and at the Chinese riding my motorbike.

Really? For what?

Maybe it's time for you to get sentenced to community service so you can get out a bit. hee....hee......:)

i am thank God .

The computer is a great communications tool that I use a lot. Now a pensioner living alone, with no good friends at all close to my location, it keeps me in touch with what's happening and how people are getting on.

Hehe... Pity that electricity and computers may have only a limited time to be available!

is it ever. I am hooked on who has written to me, and wat can i comment on, and wat shall i reveal today about me. And i love reading others stories from all over america and how life is for them. And i can say things and kno that other people have heard me. Isnt it marvelous.

The PC can become a friend, sort of.

Beats trampin all over the show lookin 4 som one thats not gona be found.

my friends live in my computer lol