Wish I Could...

There were times in my life where I got out on a daily basis, but after I lost my job was when I began to stay in more. I found I would only get out when it was necessary. It has been ages since I last attended a rock concert or gone to a nightclub. And it has been months since I last went to see a good movie.. I sometimes wish I had that life again when I was going to see concerts and dancing and drinking at a nightclub, because it was so much fun. And now my life just sucks, because it is so boring spending weekends at home. Just watching movies on television or cable and making popcorn..I guess it is, because I am so much older now..
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1 Response Nov 13, 2010

I know what you mean. Sometimes you look back on it and try to figure out if there was a defining moment where it all stopped. But when you think about it, sometimes you just grow out of it, or it's no longer practical to spend that kind of money on entertaining yourself. Sometimes watching a good movie by yourself is just what you need.<br />
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At least that's how I feel.